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BON FOOD Service, a ‘stevia’ sweetener manufacturer, has been supplying food additives, cosmetic in-gredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients for domestic and international customers since we were established in 1993. We take over 60% of Korean sweetener market share. As a key flag ship company we have the best technology. Also, we take over 90 % of export share of Korean marke

Company Information
Company DAEPYUNG CO.,LTD Contact Person Yoohan
Address Homepage www.daepyung.co.kr
Biz. Type Manufacturing Est. Year 1993
Employees 51~100 people

Fresh and Frozen Meat Processing Machine.
( PID : 3170105 )

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    okdufood, fronzen food

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    Fermented salt containing GABA

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Product Details

Dear. Sir/Madam
Hello. It is honor to introduce company and Steiva.

Daepyung introduction/Stevia
Daepyung is No. 1 Stevia sweetener manufacturer and the biggest supplier in Korea since 1991.

Daepyung have a long reputation of producing high-quality, reliable stevia products which are widely consumed in the major Korean food & beverage companies.
As No.1 Stevia supplier for Korean market, we are trying to penetrate global market and strengthen our position globally.

Please refer to Daepyung's product port-folio below.
1. Horizontal axis: STEVITEN Series (High Stevioside) & REBATEN Series (High Rebauside-A) 2. Vertical axis: Extract Products & Enzyme Process Products

Additional Information
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Product summary DAEPYUNG's Stevioside is a natural sweetener extracted from stevia(commonly known as sugarleaf) mixed with russels sprouts extract. Stevia's sweet taste is known for its slower onset and longer duration than that of sugar and Brussels sprouts for its anti-cancer properties.
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